You are an adventurer. Local population asked to get rid of the Evil Lord reigning on this part of the land. Fight your way through 3 levels and 4 bosses until the final encounter.

Will you be able to bring Evil down?

This game has been created in the context of an online Unity course.


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Autosave saved with a sliver of life.  Now I respawn in one hit death mode.

Some way to heal, or delete save would be cool.  If there is one, it isn't clear to me.  

Hi Boopy2, 

Thanks for that.

At the moment there is no way to heal, but the next update I will upload during the week will include restoration of the health at the beginning of the next level (among other different adjustments).

Also on the "delete save" side, if you refresh the page and go back to the main menu, you will have the option to load the last save or to restart.

The updates I mentioned previously are now live, the player's health is restored a the beginning of each level!

the frequent lag-skips to the left/right make the character completely uncontrollable. (and have caused all collisions with enemies I have experienced so far.)

Hi SkyCharger,

Thanks for your comment.
Could you please elaborate about what you mean by lag-skips please? I'd be happy to improve points of the game to make it better.



lag-skip is when lag causes an object to, effectively, skip to a location instead of properly moving to it.

Okay, I haven't experienced it on the computers I played it. I will try on my older laptop. Do you experience this effect on any machines?

my at-work pc doesn't suffer from the lag.

But could you consider allowing full hp restore at checkpoints?

I've just uploaded the latest version (as per the exchanges with Boopy2), which includes health restoration at the beginning of each level.

I am not sure about restoration at each checkpoints, but if not, it's probably then sensible to add in the main menu a load level option to restart the current level. I will play a bit with it and experiment to see what can be done.

And thanks again for giving me feedbacks :D